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Shocks and Struts near me
strut replacement near me

ASE-Certified Team of Mechanics. Professional Shocks and Strut Replacement in SCV

Shocks and struts are two essential components of your suspension system, and their role is to keep your vehicle well-balanced as you hit the road. Blown shocks and struts may affect and jeopardize your ride, it is essential to have them inspected on time to ensure your vehicle is balanced and ready for smooth on-road driving. Schedule your shock and struts replacement at Magic Repair Center and let our experts do the magic for you.


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You can find our shop in Valencia, Santa Clarita, but we also provide shock and strut service in Saugus, Newhall, Canyon, Soledad Canyon, Acton, and Castaic.

Why Choose Our Shocks and Struts Repair Shop in Valencia?

Magic Auto Center is the best place to get shocks and struts replaced in Santa Clarita Valley. Aside from the exceptional quality of service, we also provide:

  • Same-day shock and strut repair
  • State-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and products
  • Quick & efficient shocks and strut repair and replacement
  • OEM shock and strut
  • Loaner car for only $25/day
  • 23 years of serving car owners across Santa Clarita Valley
  • Certified for European, Japanese, and domestic vehicles
  • Dealer-level auto repair service shop
  • Excellent reputation – check our Google reviews

Signs That You Need Shock and Strut Repair or Replacement

The suspension on your vehicle is a comprehensive system consisting of many components, including:

  • Springs: The role of springs is to absorb bumps and road impact.
  • Struts: Struts are structural components that support your springs.
  • Shocks: Shocks or shock absorbers limit the bounce by absorbing residual movement in suspension springs.

The role of shocks and struts is to help stabilize the vehicle’s movements and enhance control when you brake, turn, accelerate, or drive on uneven terrain. Driving with poorly maintained shocks and struts on a gravel road can be extremely dangerous, mainly since the lack of control may result in your vehicle bouncing off the ground, leading to car accidents.

Some of the following signs that appear while driving the car may indicate the problems with shocks and struts that need to be addressed immediately:

  • Excess car bouncing
  • The vehicle’s nose dips down when you’re stopping
  • Your car sways and leans when changing lanes and turning corners
  • Insufficient bounce that makes the ride seem stiff
  • Poor steering response followed by noise
  • The car appears unstable at high speeds.

Other visible signs that you should not overlook:

  • Unevenly worn vehicle tires
  • Shocks or struts that show the signs of fluid leakage
  • Physically damaged shock or strut bodies
  • Broken or corroded mounts or bushings.
shock replacement near me

A Quick Insight Into Strut Service at Magic Auto Center

You can count on an ASE-certified and professional team of mechanics at Magic Auto Center if you notice any sign that might indicate problems with shocks and struts. We will thoroughly examine your suspension system, looking for potential damages and ensuring a safe and pleasant ride.

A comprehensive set of services you’ll receive at Magic Auto Center include the inspection of the suspension system, the bounce test to see whether you need a strut replacement, and the repair/replacement of all worn parts.

Do You Need Quick & Efficient Shock and Strut Replacement in Valencia, CA? Call (661) 291-1232

Scheduling your shock and strut maintenance regularly is of vital importance to ensure a safe and smooth ride. Don’t wait until it’s too late but call us today at (661) 291-1232 to help you hit Santa Clarita roads with peace of mind.


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  • At What Mileage Should I Have My Shocks and Struts Replaced?

    Although the interval for strut and shock replacement depends on the model, make, and driving conditions in general, technicians usually recommend you check these components every 50,000 to 60,000 miles. If you notice any signs of wear, visit a car repair shop immediately.

  • What is the Average Cost to Replace Struts and Shocks?

    When replacing your shocks or struts, you may expect to pay about $800. While labor costs may range from $160 to $200, the parts are usually $600. Call us now and check price for your vehicle.

  • What Does It Feel Like When Struts are Bad?

    Worn shocks and struts are often followed by:

    • Instability while accelerating the speed
    • The vehicle’s front end dives a lot while braking
    • Rear-end squats during acceleration
    • Tires bouncing more than usual
    • Uneven tread wear
    • Leaking fluid on shock or strut exterior.
  • How Do I Know If I Need to Replace Shocks or Struts?

    If you notice some signs of an unstable and rough ride, especially when hitting a pothole, you will want to have your shocks and struts checked by a professional mechanic. In addition, leaking fluid, disproportional tire wear, and an enhanced instability when braking or turning indicate problems with shocks and struts, which must be addressed quickly.

  • Does My Vehicle Have Shocks and Struts?

    Although most modern vehicles have struts on the front axle and shocks on the rear axle, you can double-check it:

    • Check the owner’s manual: You can read your owner’s manual to check the information about your car’s suspension setup.
    • Look under your vehicle: Check whether your car has shocks or struts connected to each wheel.
    • Ask a mechanic: When performing a vehicle service, don’t hesitate to ask a technician whether your car has these components. Besides, they’ll be happy to tell you whether you need to replace them.
  • Where to Get Shocks Replaced?

    You can have your shocks and struts replaced at Magic Auto Center in Valencia, Santa Clarita, CA.

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