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Same day oil change. Premium lube and oil filters. ASE certified.

Magic Auto Center makes Santa Clarita oil change service easy for all drivers. As a full-service auto repair, we make it simple to take care of all your vehicle’s maintenance needs in one location. Stop by our car shop at 23230 Valencia Blvd. and our specialist will take over from there.

As reputable Valencia, CA local oil change we offer multiple service options, and our ASE-certified technicians will help you choose the perfect package for your vehicle. We use premium oil brands such as Pennzoil, Mobil 1, and Quaker State. Every service includes 13-point digital inspection, lubricating the chassis, changing the engine oil, installing a new oil filter, and checking all fluid levels.


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We are located in Valencia, CA and service Saugus, Newhall, Canyon Country, Soledad Canyon, Acton and Castaic.

Why Choose Our Oil Change Services?

$79.9 Oil/Filter change. 5W40 Full Synthetic up to 6 quarters. 13-Point digital inspection

  • Same day service
  • Premium-quality oils and oil filters
  • Fast oil change service
  • We use OEM Parts and Lube
  • Loaner car for $25/day
  • 23 Years of Experience
  • Certified for Major European Brands: Mercedes, BMW, Audi, VW, Porsche
  • Dealer Level Car Diagnostic
  • Fantastic Reputation, check our Google reviews
  • Availability
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Oil Change Benefits

Here are some benefits that come with regular oil changes:

  • Improved engine performance – Oil changes help keep the internal moving parts of your engine clean and lubricated, enabling a smoother, quieter ride;
  • Better gas mileage – By enhancing lubrication, new, pure oil minimizes the friction that can slow down your engine and make you visit the gas station more often;
  • Lower vehicle emissions – Clean oil allows an engine to run cleaner, and a cleaner running engine releases less exhaust than a dirty one. New oil absorbs better harmful engine particles and engine by-product emissions;
  • Prolonged engine life – Wear, and friction are the two primary producers of engine wear and failure. Regular oil changes reduce motor wear and lead to a longer-lasting car engine.

Oil Change FAQs

  • How Often to Change Oil?

    The short answer is before sludge begins forming. The timing can vary depending on the car you’re driving, the conditions in which you’re riding, and the way you drive. Look to the vehicle owner’s manual for a recommendation from the maker or bring your car into the best oil change Valencia, CA, offers.

  • How Long Does Oil Change Take?

    An oil change is a crucial part of routine vehicle maintenance, but luckily, it’s not really a time-consuming one. Generally, from the start of your service, you can expect your oil change to be completed within 30 minutes that includes a 13-point inspection at our fast oil change service.

  • What is Motor Oil Best for My Vehicle?

    Choosing the right engine oil for your car, SUV, or pickup truck should be done after consulting your vehicle owner’s manual. Newer models may use full-synthetic motor oil, but not always. Some new vehicles still require either conventional motor or semi-synthetic oil for full protection. Cars with more than 75k engine miles may benefit from using a high mileage engine oil.

  • What Happen if You Don’t Have Your Oil Changed Regularly?

    Routinely driving longer than the car manufacturer’s recommendation between oil changes will shorten the life of the engine. Ignoring oil changes can lead to engine failure as motor components will wear out without the lubricating and heat transfer properties of the oil. Have your car’s oil changed at intervals directed by the owner’s manual.

  • How Much Does an Oil Change Cost?

    A synthetic blend oil change package — recommended for most vehicles under 75k miles, and under 10 years old along with oil filter changing — is priced about $79.

Call (661) 291-1232 for Fast Oil Change in Valencia, CA

Changing the oil in your vehicle is something you have to get done regularly. As the leading Valencia oil change service, we are here to take care of that for you and get you back on the high way safely and quickly. Whether it’s before a road trip or on a regular basis, contact us to schedule your next oil change. We look forward to seeing you at the best full-service oil change address in Santa Clarita Valley!


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