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Car AC Repair Valencia, Santa Clarita

Specialized Car Air Condition Service, Repair, and Installation Shop

Magic Auto Repair Center, the best Santa Clarita Car AC repair, offers complete A/C repair and recharge services, ensuring your air conditioning system experiences a long and trouble-free life. We can quickly and efficiently inspect your auto air conditioning, fix, and install it. Our highly qualified mechanics specialize in car AC repair & replacement for all domestic and European makes and models.


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For the time required to service and repair your vehicle, we offer a loaner car for $25/day only.

Our headquarters is at Valencia Blvd. 23230 in Valencia, Santa Clarita, and cover surrounding areas: Canyon Country, Saugus, Acton, Castaic Soledad Canyon, and Newhall.

Valencia Car AC Repair Expert

Our comprehensive air conditioning undertaking is supported by extra services, including deodorization and sanitization of the system, replacement of valves, hoses, receiver drier filter, thermostats, and cleaning of the radiator by manufacturer specifications.

In other words, the leading Valencia auto AC repair shop ensures that the vehicle’s air conditioner isn’t’ only as good as the original but is working at optimal capacity. We begin every repair with a professional diagnosis to pinpoint the real cause of your car AC issue. AC refill includes a flush to clean your AC system and refill with clean Freon for optimal results.

I was quoted over $2,000 for a new A/C unit on my Excursion by my local Ford Dealership. I didn’t believe this was a good price so I went out to 6 shops to get competitive quotes. Magic came in nearly $1,000 cheaper and because they are Diesel Specialists, clearly knew what they were doing. I have been coming back since and recommend them to all my friends for servicing and repairs.

Pfleet – Valencia, CA

Popular Santa Clarita Car AC Services

  • A/C diagnostic;
  • Auto air conditioning repair, installation, and replacement;
  • Installation of A/C evaporators, condensers, and compressors;
  • Charge system with recommended refrigerant type;
  • Performing any necessary service on AC components;
  • Replace leaky seals or hoses;
  • Recheck the entire A/C system to ensure it is working as it should;
  • Inspection of drive belts, pulleys, hoses, and components;
  • Check operation of thermostats and valves;
  • Condenser temperature check;
  • Suction line temperature reading;
  • Leak test system lines and components via an electronic leak detector and UV leak detection;
  • System PSI pressure reading to verify the refrigerant level;
  • Output temperature check;
  • Compressor and blower fan examination.
Santa Clarita Car AC Services


We are one of the leading Valencia auto AC repair shops, serving all types of vehicles at affordable cost and top quality in the Santa Clarita Valley.

  • Experienced mechanics – Our ASE-certified mechanics can help! We own the right tools and experience to get your AC running at full speed
  • Fully equipped auto shop – We use the latest technology and OEM parts for car A/C repair and maintenance;
  • Free diagnostic – Our 100% FREE diagnostic and safety inspections are available to all new and existing customers;
  • 12 months or 12K-mile warranty;
  • Same day service;
  • Fair prices, availability, and professionalism;
  • Excellent reputation;
  • We get the job done right — the first time;
  • Coupons and discounts are available.

# 1 Trusted Car A/C Repair Service in Valencia, CA - (661) 291-1232

When your AC isn’t working as it should, bring your vehicle best Santa Clarita auto air conditioner repair. One of our specialists will inspect your car’s air condition, all lines, the evaporator, along with the compressor for leaks and wear. We’ll restore your air conditioner to its former glory. Call us today at (661) 291-1232 to schedule your appointment or fill out the form below.


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Auto AC and Heat Repair FAQs

  • How much does car AC repair cost?

    Determining the cost of your car’s A/C repair depends on a variety of factors, such as the model of your vehicle, the part replacement cost, and the required labor hours.

  • How long does it take to repair a car AC?

    When your vehicle is evaluated by auto AC technicians, they’ll provide you with an estimated timeframe required to completely fix the car air conditioner. Various elements factor to the overall time to complete can include required labor hours, stock of parts, and model of your vehicle.

  • How to know if there is an AC leak?

    Detecting an A/C problem is something that is best left to a professional. The first indicator that your cooling system has a potential leak is the amount of moisture coming from the vents. The moment you feel the humidity coming, get help right away. Detrimental freons are present, and not only are they harmful to you, but they can also destroy the entire cooling system.

  • When I start my AC, there is no air at all. Why?

    If you notice that your air conditioning isn’t producing any air at all, it could be due to a few things. You may have a loose hose, your fan unit could be faulty, or you may even have a broken seal. If your vehicle is no longer blowing air, get a diagnostic, and help at our repair shop.

  • Why is my car’s A/C blowing hot air?

    If your air conditioning system is blowing out hot air, this could be for various reasons. You could have an A/C leak, a faulty fuse, a bad compressor, or even have a clogged valve. The only way to know the real cause of your AC issue is to get it inspected by a professional mechanic.

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