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Radiator Flush, Fluid Exchange, Water Pump Repair, Comprehensive System Inspection at #1 Radiator Mechanic in Santa Clarita

The radiator is an essential part of the vehicle, keeping the engine cool and protecting it from excessive heating. As top-trusted heating and cooling repair shop in Santa Clarita Valley, Magic Auto Repair will help you keep your car on the road. The shop specializes in quality auto radiator repair in Valencia, CA. We will perform an inspection of radiator coolant operating temperature, thermostat, pressure radiator cap and hoses. Our team will also inspect system and seals for leaks and other possible damages on various domestic and European car models quickly and efficiently.

Regular maintenance will keep your heating and cooling system at peak performance, so visit us on Valencia Blvd. 23230 in Valencia, Santa Clarita, but we also serve the following areas: Canyon Country, Soledad Canyon, Saugus, Newhall, Castaic, and Acton.


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During the time needed for your radiator problem to be resolved, we offer a loaner car for only $25/day.

Car Radiator Repair Services in Valencia, CA

If you notice any sign of your radiator failing to keep the engine temperatures at a reasonable level, do not hesitate to contact Magic Auto Center. Do not attempt to self-diagnose your cooling system because many symptoms can easily be misdiagnosed and lead to costly repairs. Be several steps ahead of the radiator repair by giving it the proper attention. Here are some repair and maintenance services available at our shop (but are not limited to):

Radiator Cap Replacement

A radiator cap is the gatekeeper of the cooling system, so if you experience a coolant leak, steam from the engine, low coolant or overflowing reservoir, then it is time for a radiator cap replacement.

Thermostat Replacement

The T-stat controls the flow of the coolant to the vehicle. If you notice overheating or under-heating of your car, book an appointment at the best radiator repair shop Valencia, CA, has to offer.

Water Pump Replacement

Over time, water pumps wear out. If it is not replaced on time, serious damage to your engine can occur. A water pump replacement Valencia, CA, will start with cooling system diagnostic at Magic Auto Center.

Radiator Replacement

Only permanent and safe repair option is radiator replacement because the repair is only a temporary solution. One of the best local radiator repair shops in Valencia, CA – Magic Auto Center, has the knowledge and the right equipment to properly install a new radiator.

Temperature Sensor Replacement

Our ASE-certified technicians will drain the coolant, remove the defective sensor, install a new one and refill the coolant. The sensor will be tested, codes cleared and retested to ensure that all codes have been resolved.

Heater Hoses Replacement

If the heater hose becomes damaged or compromised, your engine will certainly overheat. To prevent the complete failure of the system, together with the costly repair, come to car radiator repair in Valencia, CA, for a quick hose replacement.

Heater Core Replacement

When the heater core cannot eliminate a large portion of the engine’s waste heat, replacing it at the #1 radiator mechanic Valencia, CA will restore the balance and allow the coolant to flow throughout the system again.

Serpentine Belt Replacement

Have a professional from magic Auto Center check your serpentine belt for fraying, glazing, splitting, and many other damages. If needed, our technicians will remove the current serpentine belt and install a new one.

Antifreeze/Coolant System Flush

With time, coolant becomes old and dirty and will negatively impact the system’s performance. Visit Magic Auto Center for radiator flush in Valencia, CA to ensure your system is working effectively.

Radiator Fan/Fan Clutch Replacement

If you hear a clicking or whirring noise, it may be the sign of a bad cooling fan clutch. Schedule a radiator fan replacement at one of the top-trusted local radiator repair shops in Valencia, CA and ensure you have a fully dependable vehicle.

Our rich professional experience and cutting-edge technology and diagnostic tools will help your engine cooling system work smoothly – we will ensure you get the quality work you deserve, with fast, same-day service and OEM parts. Please feel free to contact our certified radiator mechanics in Santa Clarita Valley if you have any questions or concerns.

Car Radiator Repair Near Me: Why Choose Magic Auto Center?

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  • Using only OEM radiator parts and fluids

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  • Car Radiator Repair Near Me

    Bad Radiator Symptoms

    Engine Overheat

    When your engine starts overheating, it is time to stop and check your radiator. You will not be able to miss this sign because the steam will be blowing out from under the bonnet of your car. It can be caused by a faulty thermostat that no longer opens and will eventually cause the engine breakdown.


    You might notice a puddle of red, yellow or green liquid under your car. When the radiator is leaking, the coolant levels will be too low. There is not enough coolant to reduce the heat so that the engine may become too hot.

    Coolant Discoloration

    Vehicle coolant is a fluid usually colored yellow, green or red. It needs to flow freely between the radiator and the coolant passages located in your engine. A contaminated fluid appears thicker and looks like rust due to deposits and sludge that contaminated it. The solution is to schedule an appointment at the best radiator flush service in Valencia, CA.

    Car Heating Issues

    The heating and cooling systems are connected. If your engine cooling is not working, the coolant will not circulate properly. The result is the decreased amount of heat that enters your cabin.

    Coolant Flush Near Me – Call the Best Radiator Repair Shop in Valencia, CA

    If you want to act quickly before the damage gets too extensive, call Magic Auto Center at (661) 291-1232. We offer quick, reliable, and honest services with attention to detail for all your needs. We are proud to help keep our customers safe on the road. Please schedule an appointment for all your radiator needs or visit us today.


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    • What is the Radiator's Purpose?

      It is a device in the car that is used for cooling the internal combustion engines. The engine generates heat and is most effective when warmed up – but certainly not too hot. It helps to eliminate the excess heat from the engine.

      The radiator is a part of the engine’s cooling system, including a liquid coolant, hoses to circulate the coolant, a fan, and a thermostat that monitors the coolant temperature.

    • How Much Does Car Radiator Replacement Cost?

      The cost of radiator replacement depends on your make and model. Labor costs involve a mechanic checking for leaks, removing the radiator, a whole system flush, and installing a new radiator. The best way to inform on the costs is to call Magic Auto Center at (661) 291-1232.

    • Should I Repair or Replace a Faulty Radiator?

      The choice largely depends on the damage that has been done. If your radiator has a crack or rust, the best thing to do is replace it with a new one.

      If you do not want to buy a new one or just need time to get to the mechanic, you can perform a short-term fix with a stop leak fluid. It will not cost as much as a replacement, but it is not a permanent solution.

    • How to Maintain a Radiator?

      The best way to maintain your radiator is to perform a regular inspection for leaks and cracks every time you change the oil in your car. Maintaining a proper coolant level is also important, together with regular flushing – it should be done every 12 months or 30,000 km to remove the build-up of rust and residue.

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