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headlight repair Valencia, CA

Headlight Repair Valencia, CA

Headlight Repair, Replacement, Installation, Adjustment, and Restoration in Santa Clarita

When your headlights do not illuminate the road in front of you, it is time to visit a headlight installation specialist in Valencia, CA. We understand the importance of having a functioning and trustworthy headlight bulbs to provide you with the proper visibility. We are here to help you find the best solution to your headlight problem, so our ASE-certified technicians will perform a quick and efficient headlight inspection. We offer the best headlamp repairs, installation, replacement of headlight bulbs, adjustments, and restoration.

Visit Magic Auto Center at 23230 Valencia Blvd. and let our staff deal with the most common headlights problems and ensure a safe ride.


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Apart from Valencia, we also service the following areas: Saugus, Newhall, Canyon Country, Soledad Canyon, Acton, and Castaic.

Where to Get Headlight Bulb Replaced in Valencia, CA? At Magic Auto Center!

If you notice your electrical system to your car headlight is aging, or your car headlights are burnt out, it is time to come to Magic Auto Center. We will ensure your headlights and other types of bulbs work properly, thus minimizing the chances of an accident due to the invisibility of the vehicle. Also, a speedy replacement of the burnt bulb can prevent a possible citation by the authorities. So we offer:

Headlight Repair

If your headlight lens is damaged or cracked, it is possible to repair it. It all depends on how badly the damaged lens is, so having it done quickly by our technician will prevent the moisture from getting into an assembly. Schedule an appointment as soon as possible because such damage can spread rapidly.

Headlight Replacement

If the housing develops a deep crack or the lens is shattered, the only option is to replace it. New replacement headlights can be installed quickly at Magic Auto Center because our technicians are ready for any challenge.

Headlight Installation 

Installing a bulb is usually a simple process, but it can be really tricky on some vehicles. It can involve the removal of the bumper or light casing to make the switch. Our professionals will look over the other lights on your car during the bulb installation.

Headlight Adjustment

Misaligned lights can reduce reaction time and pose safety concerns that need to be corrected as soon as possible. Have a qualified technician determine if your headlights are out of alignment and perform it to ensure headlights are focused at the correct point on the road ahead of the vehicle.

Headlight Restoration

Your headlights can become foggy, unexpectedly dim, discolored, or scratched by the harsh weather like bright sunlight, rain, or snow like all exterior surfaces. Your cloudy lens will be restored to its previous state at Magic Auto Center. We will erase scratches, smooth pitted surfaces, and polish your headlights to remove any yellowish color.

Why Choose Fixing Headlights at Magic Auto Center in Valencia?

If you are searching for the best “headlight restoration near me,” you are at the right place. Magic Auto center is the best headlights replacement service in Valencia, CA, for various reasons, including:

  • 23 years of professional experience;
  • Using only OEM parts;
  • Using only OEM parts;
  • Loaner car for only $25/day;
  • Dealer-level auto repair shop;
  • Outstanding reputation – find us on Google and Yelp;
  • Premier-quality diagnostic tools and products;
  • Competitive prices.
Fixing Headlights at Magic Auto Center in Valencia

Signs You Need Headlight Repair or Replacement

Your car’s headlights need to illuminate the road in front of you brightly. Most headlights will dim over time, so inspecting them regularly will ensure the best lighting performance and keep you and others safe on the road. Here are some signs you have got headlight issues:

Foggy Headlights

If you notice your headlights lose their luster after a while, it is probably a sign they are reaching the end of their lifespan. Another possible reason for dim headlights is just a hazy headlamp cover. They are simply cleared by cleaning the headlight cover with a special cleanser made for this purpose. Our team can quickly determine if you need a new light bulb or just a cleaning.

Headlights Fading In and Out

A flickering and uneven headlight is sometimes a result of the faulty bulbs coming to an end. It can mean that they are very close to not working at all. If this is not the case, you may have an electrical issue like a problematic battery, alternator issue or even a bad harness. Let Magic Auto Repair experts take care of that.

Low-beam Headlights Do Not Work, but High-beams Do

You can turn your headlights on, but when you need to use high beams, you get no response from them – the reason may be the burnt-out bulb. If the replacing does not do the trick, you might have blown a fuse or have an issue with the wiring. Either way, come to our repair shop, and you will get a quick answer.

Car Headlights are Dead

The most obvious sign – you need new bulbs. It is highly recommended to replace both of them. There are two reasons for that; the other bulb will likely burn out soon as well, and to make sure your headlights offer consistent illumination at night.

Headlight Installation Near Me: Call (661) 291-1232 and Illuminate Your Path

At Magic Auto Center, we will deal with scratched, cloudy, or discolored headlights. We know how reduced visibility can be frustrating, so schedule an appointment if you need a headlight restoration or changing headlight bulbs. Our professional automotive technicians will restore their full functionality. If you noticed any of these signs, do not wait; call the best headlight specialist in Santa Clarita Valley.


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  • What is the Average Life Span of the Headlights?

    It depends on the type of bulb and the assembly. Halogen lights are the most common type, and they can last anywhere from 450 to 2,000 hours. HID lights are longer-lasting, around 2,000 to 10,000 hours. The LED burns as long as 30,000 hours before requiring a replacement.

  • What are the Types of the Headlight Bulbs?

    There are 3 different types of headlights:

    • Halogen bulbs – use a tungsten filament, similar to that in a household bulb, but are filled with halogen gas. This helps the filament glow brighter and last longer. They are often used as foglights. The typical life expectancy is around 2,000 hours.
    • Xenon or HID (High-Intensity Discharge) bulbs – have an arc instead of a filament between their two electrodes. They need a high-voltage starter to ignite the gas and a control unit. Although xenon is the gas used to start the arc, it is metal salt that keeps it alight. The typical life expectancy is 10,000 hours.
    • LED bulbs – electricity is passed through one or more light-emitting diodes instead of a filament or arc. They do not produce excess heat and are more efficient. The typical life expectancy is around 30,000 hours.
  • How to Adjust Headlights?

    To adjust your headlights, you will need a screwdriver or ratchet that matches your vehicle’s headlight adjusters. Headlight adjusters are in different locations on every car. You need to check your owner’s manual to find them or look for the adjustment screws adjacent to or behind the headlight.

    Then, park the car on level ground 6 feet away from a wall and turn on the headlights. Use masking tape to mark the centerline of the low beams. Then mark the vertical centerlines of the headlight beams.

    Also, determine the vehicle’s centerline. Back up about 25 feet from the wall and use the horizontal or vertical adjusting screws to aim the headlight beams 2” below and to the right of the taped center lines. You can adjust the high-beam hotspot below and slightly to the inside of the centerlines of both beams. You may find it easier to block one headlight and make these adjustments one light at a time.

    If this is too complicated for you, you can always come to Magic Auto Center.

  • Where to Get Headlight Replaced?

    The best place to get your headlights replaced is a shop where you can have peace of mind knowing that your safety is a top priority. And that place is certainly Magic Auto Repair in Valencia, CA, where we offer fair prices and where your satisfaction is extremely important. We strive to make you a returning customer.

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