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Top-Trusted Driveline Services Valencia, CA

Driveshaft Balancing, Repair and Replacement. #1 Driveshaft Specialist in Santa Clarita

Magic Auto Center specializes in driveline repairs, bringing the balance back to your everyday driving. Our ASE-certified mechanics will thoroughly inspect all your driveline components, including CV joints, U-joints, axles, and yokes, ensuring a perfect balance and safe operation. Our team can deal with any issue with your drive shaft, whether it is a damaged CV boot, grease leakage, CV joint or yoke replacement, and more.


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While we’re working on resolving your drive shift problems, you can count on our loaner car for only $25 a day.

You can find our shop on Valencia Blvd. 23230 in Valencia, Santa Clarita, but we also serve the following areas: Canyon Country, Soledad Canyon, Saugus, Newhall, Castaic, and Acton.

Expert Repair, Replacement, and Driveshaft Balancing Services in Valencia, CA

Don’t hesitate to contact driveshaft experts of Magic Auto Center whenever you notice the signs that might indicate the drive shaft issues. We will inspect your driveshaft and all its components, looking for potential signs of damages or wear. Upon our inspection, all worn parts will be repaired or replaced, depending on the damage level.

A comprehensive driveline service at Magic Auto Center encompasses the following:

  • A thorough CV axle inspection
  • CV axle replacement
  • CV boot replacement
  • CV joint replacement
  • Driveshaft balancing services
  • U-joint replacement
  • Yoke replacement.
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Bad Driveshaft Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

Each driveshaft component plays a vital role in your vehicle’s operation. Even if one piece doesn’t work properly, you will notice a significant decrease in your ride quality, often followed by vibrations, squeaking sounds, and loud noises.

The driveshaft is the component between your vehicle’s differentials, responsible for transferring rotation and torque to the drive wheels. It needs to be perfectly balanced to ensure a smoother driveline operation and prevent the dangerous effects caused by the lack of balance.

The driveshaft consists of the following components:

CV axle

The CV axle is located between drive wheels, and its role consists of delivering power to the wheels as they go on different types of terrain. Difficulty turning, tire resistance, vibration, and noise indicate the problems with the CV axle. A bad CV axle often requires replacement.

CV boot

The role of the CV boot is to keep your CV joints lubricated, and any CV boot damage will result in a loss of lubrication. Since the CV boot keeps the joints safe from dirt or debris, it is critical to have it inspected on time. Otherwise, you may face expensive repairs or replacements.

CV joints

The CV joints connect the transmission to the wheels. The role of the CV joint is to transmit torque to the wheels, regardless of the shaft or axle’s angle. If the CV joints lose lubrication due to the CV boot failure, they may slowly degrade over time, resulting in vibrations, noises, and loss of acceleration. A damaged CV joint typically requires replacement.


Universal joints, also known as u-joints, transmit the rotational force between the driveshaft, differentials, and the transmission. As an essential linking component, a u-joint must be flexible and functional all the time. If you notice the signs of grinding, squeaking, and clicking sounds followed by vibrations and rattling noises, you may need to replace your u-joints.

Driveshaft Yokes

One driveshaft yoke connects to the car’s rear while another one reaches into the transmission. Signs like clunking noises and vibrations may indicate the problems associated with driveshaft yokes, which you’ll need to replace soon.

Need a Comprehensive Driveshaft Repair in Valencia, CA? Call Specialist at (661) 291-1232

Having your drive shaft inspected regularly is the key to ensuring your ride quality and safety. If you notice any of the signs that might indicate the unbalanced driveshaft or its faulty components, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (661) 291-1232, and our team from Santa Clarita Valley will help you hit the road with peace of mind.


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  • What are the Bad Driveshaft Symptoms?

    Signs such as intense vibrations coming from underneath the vehicle, unusual noises, turning issues, and shuddering while accelerating often indicate a faulty driveshaft that needs to be replaced.

  • What Causes Driveline to Go Out of Balance?

    Your driveline may go out of balance for various reasons, including worn u-joints or slip lines, misaligned angles, and other components that are out of balance.

  • Is It Safe to Drive with a Bad Driveline?

    It is not recommended to drive with a faulty driveline. Constant vibrations may worsen, resulting in further damage to other driveshaft components and their accelerated wear.

  • What is the Average Drive Shaft Repair Cost?

    Drive shaft repair cost depends on various factors, so we recommend you request a quote for more pricing information.

  • Can I Prevent a Driveline Damage?

    The best way to prevent further driveline damages is to check your car’s universal joints regularly. That way, a mechanic can detect the lack of lubricant and other issues before they do damages.

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